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IHS Unity Blog Area

Our IHS Unity Blog Area is a great way to stay informed and be inspired. Our articles below are listed by date published, or click on a topic in the Public area.
Our Members Only area provides additional transcripts and member articles.

Shifting into a Creator Mentality

If you have been following our blog series or you’ve read our first book, you probably recall our explanation for the “spiritual amnesia” we all experience. To recap: “As souls we agree to operate at reduced spiritual and mental capacity when we take on a body so our journey is completely authentic.” (pg. 12 of our book Gratitude + Forgiveness x(Love) = Happiness) The spiritual amnesia clause in your soul contract, until now, was one of the non-negotiable terms and conditions of having a physical experience.


The Role of Emotions in this New Era.

The rules of the old paradigm had us all unknowingly beholden to our emotions. It was part of our experience as an incarnated being to be motivated by the emotional reactions we generated in a relatively unchecked manner. It worked in our favor sometimes and other times our emotions got us into big trouble. Our souls learned volumes from this lesson plan. We learned how powerful emotions are. Some of us developed mechanisms to wrangle unfavorable emotions while others fell victim to their wrath. We ALL learned that love feels better by contrast than anything else.

Becoming a Responsible Creator

Article written by: Aimee Mosco

Co-founder of IHS Unity / Intentional Healing Systems LLC

What is a “responsible creator?”

Our definition of a responsible creator is someone who uses thoughtful intent to create with purpose in ways that honor themselves as well as others.

Thoughtful intent is one of the most significant hallmarks of the new era, and it begins with thought. When you form your thoughts with intent, the quality of your thoughts change. The reason this is so significant and powerful is because your thoughts generate energy. That energy impacts anything that happens after the thought is formed.

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