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Founders Information

Aimee’s History:
Life Path Coach, Reiki Master, Intuitive Channel,
Co-Founder of Intentional Healing Systems, LLC.

Aimee is an intuitive who specializes in facilitating healing and shifting of the body, heart, mind and spirit. She is able to help recalibrate a person’s energy matrix to transform energy that hinders spiritual progression, alters healthy thought patterns, inhibits emotional growth and causes physical discomfort. Aimee uses a gentle and non-invasive form of energy transfer, Reiki and distance healing to help facilitate transformation. Aimee focuses much of her attention on teaching individuals to help themselves and improve their lives using their own abilities coupled with IHS techniques.

The spirits began speaking to Aimee at a very young age. She could see them and interact with them as if they were in the flesh. As Aimee got older it became necessary for her to root herself in a more socially acceptable physical reality to have an authentic experience as a physical person, so she gradually allowed that door to the unseen world to close. It remained closed for many years until Aimee could no longer deny the emanations and communications from the spirit realms that spoke to her soul.

For as long as Aimee could remember she had an insatiable need to help humanity. It wasn’t just a desire, it felt to her like a mission or an agreement Aimee had promised to fulfill. She didn’t know what specifically it was that she was meant to do, but she knew that it drove her with each step of her journey. Aimee’s mother reminded her throughout her childhood that her name translated to “LOVE”, so she knew, without a doubt, she was meant to “love”. The particulars remained a mystery to her until that door to the unseen world blew off its hinges one day as Aimee approached her 37th birthday.

The spirits began to appear and speak to Aimee once again. The Angels wrapped their wings around her and sang in her ears. The veil was lifted and she found herself stepping between the world she knew and the worlds she dreamed of. When the initial shock wore off, Aimee felt as if the most sacred part of her had arrived home from an epic, lonely journey.

As Aimee’s intuitive abilities were remembered to her and the messages got clearer, she began connecting with dormant information that was of great use to her and others. The spirits reminded Aimee how to view and decode the messages hidden within the human energy field using her inner vision. What she saw made perfect sense to her. The experiences of life and the physical body were message delivery depots for the communications of the soul. She became aware that when discomfort would appear as an experience or a physical ailment, it was a strong communication from the soul that the mind and heart had departed from the path of love. The spirits made it very clear to Aimee that she was to teach others what she was being shown. The spirits imparted to Aimee the mechanics of using the most powerful creative energy force, LOVE, to ease suffering, promote harmony and return to balance.

Aimee spent the better part of six years working with hundreds of people, teaching them the self-healing and self-improvement techniques the spirits gifted to her. She marveled at how the simple techniques empowered and inspired people to view things differently and take action to change their lives for the better. Aimee’s success fueled her passion to write, expand her audience and help humanity shift by sharing her remarkable discoveries.


Don’s History:
Philanthropist, Commercial Real Estate Developer,
Co-Founder of Intentional Healing Systems, LLC.

Don FegusonDonald Ferguson is a successful commercial real estate developer, philanthropist and community leader.

Don graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1970 with a BS in Industrial Engineering. He pursued an MBA with an emphasis on finance from Kansas University and graduated in the spring of 1971. Don relocated to St. Louis shortly thereafter.

Don started a franchise for Success Motivation Institute when he moved to St. Louis and from there got involved in several different entrepreneurial ventures. He settled on developing commercial real estate in 1978 by starting a firm he called Land Dynamics.

Over the course of 30 years, Land Dynamics developed in excess of 1.5 million square feet of general office and medical space and became owner of the largest square footage of off campus medical office buildings in St. Louis.

He has served on Missouri State Bank’s board of trustees and is twice published as article co-author, with R. Burr Porter at the University of Kansas, on the subject of success in buying and holding stocks for the long term.

While Don was building his business, he felt called to donate his time and resources to several different organizations that focused their attention on medical research and improving quality of life. He helped raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, St. Louis Chapter, and was later elected President of the foundation’s board.

Don later formed the Ferguson Family Foundation in 1999 to help fund education for children. The foundation currently assists as many as 8 applicants a year further their education.

Don served on the Board of Trustees for Pony Bird Foundation for 7 years. Pony Bird is a home for severely disabled children and young adults. The Ferguson Family Foundation has sponsored fund raiser events each year since Don began serving on the board. The money raised benefits the staff care-takers as well as the residents.

In recent years, Don has expanded his parameters and desires to help humanity through the pursuit of preserving his own body. He has experimented with holistic practices and many different healing modalities to include Reiki. Through these experiences, Don has found his soul calling. He has an overwhelming desire to share what he has learned to help others help themselves and is currently pursuing avenues in which to satisfy his desire.

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