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Gratitud + Forgiveness x (Love) = Happiness

The most powerful force that drives our souls to live and breathe is LOVE… Gratitude + Forgiveness x LOVE = Happiness revisits ancient philosophy through modern views. The authors weave a bridge between spirituality and the practical function of the energy field, empowering the reader to forge this relationship and use the field as a tool with which to calibrate action. The book delivers a simple interactive process and supporting strategy for the willing person to “create” happiness from a foundation of love. Gratitude + Forgiveness x LOVE = Happiness was born of an interactive healing system Aimee has spent years developing. Co-author, Don, joined forces with Aimee in 2011 to help adapt the system in efforts to facilitate healing among large groups. This book represents an introduction to the framework and mind-set beneath this powerful tool of transformation. This book leads the reader on a remarkable step-by-step journey, fostering transformation while showcasing incredible personal experiences of the authors. The true stories shared throughout this book are drawn from the well of Aimee’s psychic exchanges in her intuitive healing work and from Don’s immersion in enlightenment disciplines. Don also shares the secrets to his profound success and long career in the commercial real estate business. The book begins by asking the readers to revisit their “big-picture” perceptions on the meaning of life and the true purpose for incarnation. As the authors share their adopted philosophies related to the concept of incarnation and reincarnation, they reveal the connections between life events and the intricacies of the human energy field. Gratitude + Forgiveness x LOVE = Happiness maps an easy-to-follow trail through the layers of the human energy field. The authors are careful to close the gap between the energy of certain well-recognized thoughts and emotions, and uncharted energetic directives in and among the layers of the field. As the journey unfurls for readers in a directed, comprehensive manner, questions are asked of them. These questions give the readers an opportunity to personalize the journey and actively partake in the transformative practices laid out in the book. The supporting stories and examples detailed in each chapter illustrate the practical application of the information posed. Though many of the stories are extraordinary in nature, it is a matter of course for the authors to remind the readers that absolutely everything is a matter of choice calculated by the soul. The authors waste no opportunity to reinforce the reader’s power to bring their soul’s choices to conscious awareness and alter outcomes using the formula Gratitude + Forgiveness x LOVE = Happiness. Gratitude and forgiveness rewrite your stories and melt your judgments away.

Aimee Mosco is a certified Reiki Master, Channel and Co-founder of Intentional Healing Systems, LLC. She currently works as an intuitive who specializes in teaching healing techniques to practitioners and individuals. Aimee’s passion for helping others to help themselves inspired the collaborative project and global healing movement, IHS Unity, created with her co-Author, Don.

Donald L. Ferguson is a successful commercial real estate developer, philanthropist and Cofounder of Intentional Healing Systems, LLC. As a community and business leader, Don serves in different capacities on the boards of several charity organizations, to include the Ferguson Family Foundation, and has found his calling in serving the greater good of humanity.

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IHS Testimonials For Gratitude Book:

Gary Cotshott – Former Public Company CEO and Fortune 50 Senior Executive

Gary: “There were very significant takeaways. One was just the essence of the book or the content…thoughtful, practical, insightful, particularly for early stage learning and learners, and for building a foundation for continued progression in exploring one’s spirituality.”

Gary: “…[the book] assisted me in discovering what I believe to be the underlying source and reasons for my personal success, which had a deep undercurrent of personal caring and love for the people around me, which in the environment of corporate America (large corporate America) is somewhat unusual.”

Gary: “I became deeply ingrained in the processes and politicized values of corporate America. I was programmed to think and act in a certain way, do things a certain way, in spite of the fact that I’m naturally a counter-culture person. This foundation and what I’m sure will be great follow-on books, processes, techniques and tools from Aimee and Don will be really fundamental to a process of deprogramming; a process of recognizing that there are larger forces at work.”

Gary: “The book helps to provide the tools, techniques and self-starting mechanisms for [people] to establish and work through how they want to progress their lives.”

Leslie A Hill, Reiki Master/Teacher

Leslie: “…in a very clear way, Aimee gives us an understanding of why we are here, how to find our purpose as well as guiding us on a journey to self-love.”

Leslie: “I have used techniques in the book to shift my energy and create new experiences. As a result, I have improved virtually all relationships in my life and no longer attract situations that are not beneficial.”

Leslie: “I think most importantly the book teaches how learning to love yourself can truly transform your life.”


Kristin Johnson, Author, “Ain’t U Got No Manners”, Award Winning Poet, Screenwriter, Speaker

Kristin: “I love the philosophy of just recognizing the opportunities that we have in this life to shape our future.”

Kristin: “…[The book] gives you tools to achieve more creativity, more happiness, more fulfilling relationships…”

Kristin: “…we are all instantaneously communicating, but we are not understanding each other and there’s a lot of noise, so you have to filter through the noise and just really think about what people are saying…[the book] helps you change the way you look at things.”


Top customer reviews (Amazon site)

By Patricia S. on August 19, 2017

Gratitude + Forgiveness X Love = Happiness is a book for this time. We are moving up dimensionally and need to find a way to navigate through the craziness of life. I’d been exposed to the Intentional Healing System by Aimee Mosco several months ago and found her work fascinating. I enjoyed Aimee and Don’s stories of how they navigated through their lives to reach this point of creating Intentional Healing System. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them both.

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