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Agreements Book

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You can only reach a goal if you have a plan. Daily Agreements, Guidelines, and Intentions lays out a plan to put you in charge of creating your destiny.

You are the sum total of the choices you make throughout life. The challenge is that many of the choices you make are influenced by thoughts that lurk in the shadows of your brain known as your subconscious. You may suffer from inner conflict or self-sabotage, and never consciously realize it.

Daily Agreements, Guidelines and Intentions acts as a practical tool to create alignment between your inner and outer self by addressing that undercover brain activity. The book reveals the inner workings of a simple technique that has you intentionally direct your subconscious to support and nurture the blueprint of who you choose to become.

In book one of this series, Gratitude + Forgiveness x (Love) = Happiness, the authors present an enlightened perspective on the purpose of life and relationships. The objective of the book is to inspire you to begin a journey of transformation by connecting with and honoring your soul purpose for having multiple experiences in human form.

Daily Agreements, Guidelines and Intentions represents the next stepping stone in the journey of transformation. The book takes you by the hand and empowers you to create by choice with purpose and intent. Using the technique delivered through this book, you will gain the opportunity to take full, conscious responsibility for your form and function as a soul in a human body. You are powerful enough to choose who you want to be.


Aimee Mosco is a certified Reiki Master, Channel and Co-founder of Intentional Healing Systems, LLC. She currently works as an intuitive who specializes in teaching healing techniques to practitioners and individuals. Aimee’s passion for helping others to help themselves inspired the collaborative project and global healing movement, IHS Unity, created with her co-Author, Don.

Donald L. Ferguson is a successful commercial real estate developer, philanthropist and Cofounder of Intentional Healing Systems, LLC. As a community and business leader, Don serves in different capacities on the boards of several charity organizations, to include the Ferguson Family Foundation, and has found his calling in serving the greater good of humanity.

include the Ferguson Family Foundation, and has found his calling in serving the greater good of humanity.


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