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Becoming Empowered by Taking Responsibility

Article written by: Aimee Mosco

Co-founder of IHS Unity / Intentional Healing Systems LLC

Most of us have childhood memories of an adult shaking a finger at us and saying “You need to take responsibility for yourself.” It is unlikely that this truly inspired you to take responsibility for your actions. In fact, it probably had quite the opposite effect, and worse than that, it may still impact how you view “taking responsibility” today.

It’s important to remember that there is always more than one way to look at something. As a child you likely viewed things from the perspective that you weren’t in charge. If you were like most children you received directives, such as “take responsibility for yourself”, from parents, teachers, elders and others whom you were expected to obey. While it may have served your best interest to take responsibility for your actions, it probably seemed more punitive than rewarding when you were told to do it as a child. This may have stuck with you and colored your perceptions on taking responsibility as an adult.

As a child, you likely did not embrace the view that the events of your life are calculated by your soul. This particular view, often difficult to see from a child’s frame of reference, opens the doorway to a new, liberating perspective on taking responsibility.

From this view, the events of your life are not ever accidental. They are meticulously mapped out by the all-knowing higher part of you known as your soul or higher wisdom. Your life experiences are products of choices calculated and made by your soul and while only some of those choices are ones that you have participated in consciously, all of them were agreed to by your soul. The higher part of you consented to participate in all of those events prior to them taking place.

Absolutely nothing happens “to” you without your permission on some level. Therefore, your soul (you) are fully responsible for the events of your life.

As you begin to embrace your creatorship abilities and awaken further, “taking responsibility” has the potential to connect you with your greatest source of power.  

In our blog post “You as an Eternal Creator” we remind you that you hold the power to create the events and circumstances of your future. When you believe that this is true, it becomes natural to view things from a creator perspective. You can create the events of the future just as you created all of the events of the past.

All of the events of the past include the good, the bad and the ugly.

Creating is creating whether you perceive the events you have created to be good or bad. If you can create something “bad” then you can create something “good” in its place. That is the power you hold once you claim it.

When you take full responsibility for your creatorship abilities, then frame them with this perspective “I can choose to create events I perceive to be good or I can choose to create events I perceive to be bad”, you acknowledge that you are the master of your creations.

This is incredibly empowering and ushers you from a victim’s mindset (what you may have experienced as a child) into an empowered creator’s mindset. Furthermore, this new mindset allows you to participate more consciously in your personal creation process.

When you believe that you are a creator, and you have the ability to create according to your preferences, you begin attracting different energies that support your intended creations.

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