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You as an Expression of your Higher Wisdom

Article written by: Aimee Mosco

Co-founder of IHS Unity / Intentional Healing Systems LLC

Look at yourself in the mirror. What you’ll see is eyes, nose, lips, limbs…a body. You know that when you look in the mirror at yourself you are only seeing part of who you are. Everyone knows it’s not possible to see thoughts or beliefs in that mirror image, but those things are a big part of who you are as a person. Your body only tells part of your story just as who you are as a person only tells part of your story as a soul.

Your soul is eternal, with the objective to keep growing. You experience multiple lifetimes as different people with different perspectives, but you are always connected with the higher, most brilliant part of yourself that is the real and true you in your totality.

Your experience in this body is an expression of a single persona that was chosen by your Higher Wisdom. This persona allows you to experience life from a specific view. It’s important to understand that this higher, eternally wise part of yourself is always present, quietly guiding you through your life.

When you become aware that you are connected with, and are being guided by, this unlimited source of information, knowledge, wisdom and love that is the true you, it can be quite comforting. Furthermore, you can use this connection to ask for help in more specific ways.

When I do healing work on others, I tap into that higher part of myself to communicate with the higher part of the other person. The energy and information that I deliver comes through me from the purest and most benevolent parts of ourselves. I hear the same thing over and over from the people I work with. They say that they feel better, calmer, clearer and comforted when we are finished.

Human beings as a collective have reached a level of conscious awareness that allows us to intentionally communicate with the higher parts of ourselves. We all have the ability to intentionally tap into the higher part of who we are.

It doesn’t require a special skill set, it just requires an awareness that this part of us exists, acceptance and a simple consistent practice to open a two-way conscious line of communication.

Here’s how to tap in:

  •  Listen to your intuition. If the information in this blog post feels
    truthful to you, express this acknowledgment, “I choose to accept that I am an expression of my Higher Wisdom.”
  • Several times throughout your day make a statement of
    affirmation such as this, “I am securely connected with my Higher Wisdom and I am receiving with grace and ease the purest of communications from that part of me.”
  • When you are looking for guidance with specific challenges make a request of your Higher Wisdom such as this, “I choose to receive information and assistance in a clear manner with the following situation.” State the situation.
  • Build and cultivate an open line of communication by expressing a desire such as this each night before you go to sleep, “I am grateful for the opportunity to further open to more conscious communications with my Higher Wisdom.”
  • Understand that it takes consistency and practice to open more fully and consciously to these communications. The communications may come in subtle forms such as dreams or thoughts rather than a voice barking in your head!

Have some fun with your practice. Make friends with your Higher Wisdom and use your creativity to find ways to enhance your life through this connection. Please share your stories with us through the contact form on the website or join our free IHS Unity membership program and comment on this blog post.

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