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Honoring Your Journey With Gratitude

Article written by: Aimee Mosco

Co-founder of IHS Unity / Intentional Healing Systems LLC

I say this all the time but it’s something that can’t be over-stated – your perception is your reality. And guess what? You have the ability to adjust your perceptions to create a reality that completely honors you.

Let’s revisit the concept of your soul as an eternal being…

While each of us may only live a single lifetime as the person we are now, as a soul we seize the opportunity to live many different lifetimes in many different scenarios. Reincarnation is a mechanism that allows our soul to experience life as a physical being from multiple different perspectives. Why is that desirable to the soul?

Human beings have a fundamental desire to learn and grow through our experiences. Our growth as humans is limited by the amount of time we have here on Earth. The soul has the same fundamental desire to expand, but there are no time limitations. We have eternity to work on that growth. Therefore, we are able to maximize our soul growth by experiencing multiple different situations and viewing those situations
from different perspectives.

This understanding is the to key to exercising your ability to shift perceptions and change your reality. Your soul’s main objective is to grow!

Think about how we grow as human beings. Some of our most valuable lessons and discoveries come through adversity. “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. How many times throughout life has that been true for you?

If you can identify with this, and you can identify with the idea that we are eternal beings, then doesn’t it make sense that ALL of your experiences represent opportunity for growth? Even the ones you consider to be “bad”? If the answer for you is ‘yes’, then it should make sense to you that it is appropriate to be grateful for all parts of your journey, ‘good’ and ‘bad’, because all elements help you to meet your soul’s number one objective; growth.

When you choose to perceive your life and all of your experiences as a compendium of invaluable gifts to your soul, you will look at your life differently. You will be hard-pressed to feel victimized or angry when you believe you’ve been given a precious gift.

So try this; next time you are feeling angry or victimized by life, remember that you can choose to connect with the idea that the current circumstances have given your soul a unique opportunity to grow.

Say these affirmations to reinforce your newly adopted perception and honor the amazing journey your soul has laid out: “I am grateful for all of my experiences. I am grateful for my life.”

If you want to further honor your journey with gratitude and continue to shift your perceptions, create a Gratitude List. Take out a piece of paper and make a list of everything you are grateful for in your life. Begin your list with the affirmations above. Read your list each night before you go to sleep. Gratitude will be the last thing on your mind as you fall asleep and it will slowly become a natural practice for you during waking hours if you do this with consistency.

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