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Shifting your Beliefs to Support New Outcomes

Article written by: Aimee Mosco

Co-founder of IHS Unity / Intentional Healing Systems LLC

Your beliefs speak to your thoughts, your thoughts speak to your emotions and your emotions speak to your body. The reverse is true as well, but if you are looking to make changes in any part of this chain your most effective course of action comes from examining your beliefs as a first measure.

If your beliefs do not support thoughts and emotions that drive the actions you take, it is difficult to achieve a goal.

For example: A smoker goes to the doctor and the doctor suggests that he quit smoking. If he doesn’t truly believe that he will or can develop cancer from smoking, it will be very difficult for him to organically generate the thoughts and emotions that will drive him to successfully quit smoking.

It can be challenging to identify true beliefs related to achieving new goals, but once you have made the effort to identify the corresponding belief, you can use the relationship between your thoughts and beliefs to drive your actions. This is the first step in the process of conscious creation.

And as we reminded you in our post “You as an Eternal Creator,” you are an innately creative being.

As you explore your beliefs in relationship to new outcomes, you may be surprised to find that your current beliefs conflict with the outcome you wish to achieve.

For example: You decide you want to start a new business. Your experience is in the retail clothing business and you know it well, so you decide to open a small store. You believe that you have the knowledge and practical experience to operate this business successfully, so you proceed with your plan.

You begin to explore beliefs about yourself that relate to running a successful business by making a list of the beliefs that will favorably support thoughts and emotions that drive successful outcomes.

As you go over your list you find a glitch. You realize through this process that you struggle with the belief that you are worthy of success. You search your memories to find that you have a long history of self- sabotage when good things are on the horizon for you.

This is a critical discovery. As you come to a greater awareness that this belief does not serve your objective, you can work on shifting it by using the relationship between your conscious thoughts and your beliefs. You will choose a new belief that fully supports your outcome and train that into your field using your conscious thought process.

The new belief that you settle on will be something like this; “I choose to believe that I am completely worthy of success.” You will then support this new belief by reinforcing it with intentional and conscious thoughts. You train your thoughts with words like this; “I am worthy of success because I work hard. I am worthy of success because I am honest. I am worthy of success because I am a good person and I will share my success with others.”

Once you have used the relationship between your conscious thoughts and beliefs to begin the process of shifting your current belief, you willfurther  use your thoughts to affirm your new belief that supports success. As many times as you remember to do it during the day, you will say an affirmation to yourself such as this; “I know that I am worthy of success.”

It may take some repetition before you are able to stand firm in this new belief, but through this process you will have embraced your ability to “create” using your innate tools.

Once you have shifted your old belief to the new, supportive belief and continued to reinforce that new belief with supportive conscious thoughts, you will have set your energy field up to generate emotions that will drive your actions to achieve success.

If you find that you are having trouble connecting with the new belief that supports a favorable outcome, we suggest that you use our simple tool to help untie the knots of that outdated belief.

1. Focus your attention on the belief that acts a roadblock for you.

2. Make an agreement with yourself to let it go.

3. State these intentions once: “I choose to forgive myself for this belief that no longer serves me.” “I choose to embrace a new belief that serves my highest and best good.” “I choose to allow this change to occur with grace and ease.”

4. State these affirmations as often as you can remember to for a few days: “I forgive myself.” “I am embracing a new belief.” “I am allowing this change to happen with grace and ease.”

You have the absolute ability to shift your beliefs to support the achievement of your goals once you bring awareness to beliefs that are no longer serving you. It takes a little bit of contemplation and identification on the front end, but it is well worth your time and effort in the end.

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