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Shifting into a Creator Mentality

If you have been following our blog series or you’ve read our first book, you probably recall our explanation for the “spiritual amnesia” we all experience. To recap: “As souls we agree to operate at reduced spiritual and mental capacity when we take on a body so our journey is completely authentic.” (pg. 12 of our book Gratitude + Forgiveness x(Love) = Happiness) The spiritual amnesia clause in your soul contract, until now, was one of the non-negotiable terms and conditions of having a physical experience.


As a creator, you can choose to take comfort in this knowledge because it means that you are vastly more conscious, intelligent, and equipped to manifest than you ever before realized. You are a super-star under that bio-suit!

It’s pretty obvious that things are different now than they were 10 years ago. Technology alone has charted a huge shift in human reality. It’s not the technology that has accelerated this shift, it’s the human beings behind the technology and in front of the technology that are responsible for this epic change. And right on cue.

The entire Universe has entered a new spiritual era. Energetic emanations, or vibrations, of Mother Earth have been slowly increasing to prepare an atmosphere aligned with this new era. One of the welcomed side-effects of this atmospheric up-shift is that you now have greater access to divine memory pathways that were previously blocked and unable to transfer information due to the spiritual amnesia clause. The clause is being lifted as we enter this new era. New era = new rules.

When babies grow into to kids, kids into teenagers, teenagers into adults, each stage brings with it a new level of responsibility. The same holds true of the spiritual stages you grow into. Each one offers you the opportunity to take more responsibility for yourself and what you create as you progress.

If you combine your growth with access to divine remembrance, you have a blueprint for unrestricted achievement. This freedom is liberating when it is in alignment with the principles of the new spiritual era. When it’s not, the outcomes can be devastating.

Compare this freedom to a teenager getting his driver’s license. He gains the ability to choose to drive his car on the wrong side of the freeway or speed in a construction zone. Neither of those actions is in alignment with the law. It would be incredibly irresponsible to make the choice to do something like that as it has the potential for a disastrous outcome. At the same time, that teenager can choose to drive his car in a responsible and safe manner. When he makes the choice to drive responsibly and in accordance with the laws of society, the potential outcomes are much more favorable. He will have a greater degree of freedom and he will be opened to new choices and new experiences.

The same holds true for humanity as we step into this new era. Our freedom will grow exponentially because we will begin to remember that nothing happens “to” us, things happen “by” us as a product of choice. This spiritual remembrance has the potential to change our perspective on things quite a bit. We will move out of a “victim” mindset and into an “abundance” or creator mentality.

The abundance mentality acquaints us with a gamut of choices. Our expanded awareness will allow us to consciously weigh those choices with greater clarity and then make informed decisions on how to proceed as a responsible and effective creator.

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