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You are the Architect of your Experience…

Article written by: Aimee Mosco

I’m going to make a bold statement here but it’s one that I truly believe: You are the Architect of Your Experience. Not only are you the architect, but you are the liaison for Universal communications, the planner, the builder, the master craftsman and the ultimate creator of all aspects of your experience in this life! So, what does this all mean?

In this blog series, I plan to share information and empowerment techniques to connect you with your ability to create the life you want to live, filled with purpose and intention.

First, I’d like to start off by introducing myself.

I’m Aimee Mosco, co-founder of Intentional Healing Systems, LLC (or IHS) and I am the creator and voice of this blog.

Believe it or not, I began my career as a fashion designer in Los Angeles in the 90’s and my path took many twists and turns to lead me to my true calling. The world of fashion was exhilarating! I traveled the globe for inspiration, connected with people from different cultures and crafted beautiful, tangible things for sale. It kept me busy for 15 years and as much as I loved what I did during that time, there was a little voice inside my heart that grew louder as time passed. It told me with urgency to find my true purpose. Intentional Healing Systems was born as a means to satisfy the cravings of my heart.

Written by Aimee Mosco

The techniques that my co-founder and I have developed through IHS over the years have one very important foundational element to them: they put you (the user) in a true position of power. You are in the driver’s seat of the car, you are the architect of the structure, and you are influencing the future.

In order for the techniques that we are presenting to work as intended, we ask that you integrate the belief that you are in control of your own results. The techniques that we have created are simply tools for you to use, but in the end, you are solely responsible for using them, but also for the outcome(s) that they lead to.

The belief and understanding that you are in control – hence “the architect” – comes from first identifying with the idea that everything is a choice calculated by your soul, or the higher part of you. This mindset allows you to accept that nothing happens “to” you without your permission on some level, including events and exchanges you view as “bad” or “unfavorable”. For example, a car accident or a broken bone could be considered “bad” but from the perspective of your soul they were scheduled events to bring a lesson or understanding to your awareness. They were opportunities for you to grow.

When you realize that you have made the choice to participate in learning opportunities represented by every single thing that happens in your life, you will begin to realize how much power you hold over your life and future.

Furthermore, if you believe that you have the power to create something bad, then you must have the power to un-create it, and then create something better in its place. There is that silver-lining you were looking for!

Pure and authentic empowerment comes from taking full responsibility for your role as a creator. You are, and always have been, the creator of your life. Therefore, you truly are the architect of your experience.

We all have a little voice inside of us and it represents the gentle urgings of your soul. When you listen to that voice with the belief that you hold the power to create whatever it is that serves you best, there is no external force that can hold you back.

As you accept your role as a creator, the question then becomes, what life will you choose to create for yourself?

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