The Role of Emotions in this New Era. - IhSunity
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The Role of Emotions in this New Era.

The rules of the old paradigm had us all unknowingly beholden to our emotions. It was part of our experience as an incarnated being to be motivated by the emotional reactions we generated in a relatively unchecked manner. It worked in our favor sometimes and other times our emotions got us into big trouble. Our souls learned volumes from this lesson plan. We learned how powerful emotions are. Some of us developed mechanisms to wrangle unfavorable emotions while others fell victim to their wrath. We ALL learned that love feels better by contrast than anything else.

Your soul is propelling you forward and connecting you with opportunities to continually expand your awareness as you step into this new era. As your scope grows it becomes helpful to understand the role of emotions in relationship to your personal creation process. While the part emotions play now is not different than the part they have always played, it’s meaningful to have an enlightened understanding of their role so you can use them most effectively as you begin to exercise your creativity in more conscious ways.

Emotions have always acted as an accelerant to creation. Emotional energy is the fuel that brings manifestation to fruition. When your emotional reactions are based in love, the energy feeds favorable outcomes in supportive ways.

Here’s how it works:

Have you ever had a fight with your partner? (Of course you have! You’re human.) What happens when you succumb to your anger? Nothing good, that’s for sure. You can be motivated to act in uncharacteristic ways when you are triggered and fueled by unfavorable emotions. If you allow your actions, which create outcomes, to be fueled by your anger, it’s possible you’ll be making a trip to the ER or at the very least to a lawyer in the aftermath! If you exercise some restraint and calm your emotions, your actions are fueled differently. The same holds true at the opposite end of the scale. If you have ever felt pure joy in the presence of another person and you let yourself lean into the feeling, you will likely be motivated to act in ways that produce different outcomes than if you weren’t feeling joyous. If you’re not a big hugger but you have hugged a friend in a moment of happiness you know what I’m talking about.

Part of becoming a creator in this new era and owning the associated responsibility is to gain greater awareness of the role your emotions play in your life. This awareness opens the door to active and conscious engagement in generating the type of emotional fuel that allows you to manifest favorable outcomes according to a plan. In other words, you choose which emotions you will use to fuel your creations. That’s what being a creator is all about – managing the creation process according to your plan. In all cases, love-based emotions support desired outcomes better than fear and lack-based emotions.

You are transitioning into being the authority of all aspects of your life. You are meant and equipped to be a creator. Wouldn’t you rather create happiness and comfort than chaos?

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